When Internet Explorer asks to be your default browser.

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list of cute things

  • you
  • also you
  • hey look you
  • and you
  • wait wait wait
  • you
  • you’re cute


the only ship i need is a scholarship can i get a hallelujah

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Advance like a wild wind, youngsters!
Your fiery blood, sweat, and tears are as beautiful as sunshine!
Fear not, young ones. 
Move forward and that shall become your path.

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my laptop is warmer than my heart 

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me during exams


What if when Kishimoto first drew Kakashi he drew him without the mask and now he has a maskless picture of Kakashi posted on his bedroom wall and everytime he goes to bed he takes one last look at Kakashi’s beautiful face and whispers

The world is not ready yet, my beautiful Hatake…